Dinh Quan

    Dinh Quan

·        1964 born in Hai Phong.

·        1990 Graduated from Hanoi University of Fine Arts, specialized in lacquer ware.

·        Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association.


·        1990 – 1995: Participated in Vietnam National Fine Arts Exhibitions.

·        1996: "The Year of the Dragon" Exhibition at Trang An Gallery in Hanoi.

·        1998:"Vietnam Contemporary Arts" Exhibition at Fujita Vente Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

·        1999:Group exhibition in Dijon and Nice, France.

·        Group exhibition in Singapore.

·        2000: "Vietnam Express : Vietnamese Contemporary Art" Exhibition in Oslo, Norway.

·        "A Winding River - Stages of Vietnamese Contemporary Art" Exhibition in Washington DC,        USA.

·        2001:Group exhibition in Manila, Philippines.

·        "Hanoi Contemporary Arts" Exhibition in Osaka, Japan.

·        "All the Rivers Are Running - Vietnamese Contemporary Art" at Trang An Gallery, Hanoi.

·        "Realistic & Illusion World in Dinh Quan's Arts" one-man exhibition at Trang An Gallery, Hanoi.

·        "Portrait" Exhibition at Trang An Gallery, Hanoi.

·        2002: Group exhibition in Alliance Frangaise, Singapore

·        “Worth heart & Soul &Mind”, New York Arts Center, New York, USA.

·        2004: “International Festival of Arts” Korea. Asian Fine Arts,Fukuoka Museum, Japan.

·        2005: Exhibition in Chiang Mai,Thailand.

·        2007: “Where the rivers meet”, Vietnam Cultural Festival, Luxembourg,   Belgium.
·        2008: Exhibition at China.
·        2009: Solo Exibition in VietnamFineArtsMuseum, Hanoi.
·        2010 - 2013: Many works in various Exibitions in oversea: USA, Thailand, Singapore, HongKong, Italy…
·        2014 : Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand

Solo Exhibitions:

·        2000: Exhibition in USA.

·        2005: Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.

·         Exhibition in Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi.


·        Third prize in the Most Excellent Works of the Vietnam Association of Plastic Artists in 1993.

·        Prize in Vietnamese National Fine Arts Exhibition in 1995.

·        His works were chosen and collected in Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Singapore Art Museum, National Art Gallery Malaysia, England,Indonesia, USA, France and Australia.




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